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Iconic Cities by Boat
Aviara Boats brings a new, modern vision to luxury day boats. Explore the full collection including the AV32, AV36, and the AV40 on the Official Aviara Website.
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Most Iconic Cities to Experience by Boat Exploring with Aviara Charleston Detroit Washington, D.C. Knoxville Chicago New York Miami Tampa-St. Petersburg
Exploring with Aviara

Most Iconic Cities to Experience by Boat

Cruising the cityscape with friends, idling past iconic sights with family, docking for dinner and drinks with the crew, running the river and skylines at sunset. Is there anything better? If you're like us, you're counting down the minutes until your next on-water adventure so you can enjoy moments just like these.


Along with the team at Boating Magazine, we put together a full itinerary to check out the dining, activities, secret spots and screensaver views in eight cities, all aboard Aviara models. Our boats mix premium luxury and modern comfort, which makes them the perfect day boats for a day in America's most iconic cities to experience by water.


Explore Charleston's marshes, bays, and open sea onboard the Aviara AV32


Explore Detroit's iconic cityscape onboard the Aviara AV36

Washington, D.C.

Take in the history of America onboard the Aviara AV36


Explore Knoxville's historic city and college town onboard the AV28S


Explore America’s lakefront metropolis on the Aviara AV32

New York

Experience the Big Apple’s waterfront and epic views on the Aviara AV32


Explore luxurious Miami by water onboard the Aviara AV40

Tampa-St. Petersburg

Tour the warm waterways of Tampa-St. Pete onboard the Aviara AV32